Keeper of the Flag
From June 19 to July 4, 2020, the Juneteenth Better Than Bezos Raffle was held to select the inaugural Keeper of the Flag. The Keeper partners with the artist overseeing the exhibition and public life of the flag. 

General Keeper Responsibilities:

  • The flag must initially be loaned for a period of no shorter than 5 years to 1 or more organizations which will publicly display the flag. The Keeper and the artist will work together to find organizations which directly benefit and/or serve BIPOC.
  • The flag must never be intentionally destroyed or altered without permission of the artist. Artist must be notified immediately of damages and/or repairs needed.
  • The flag must never be sold. Stewardship may only be passed on to a new Keeper or in order to raise money for an organization that benefits or serves BIPOC.
  • At times when the flag is not being actively displayed, it can and should be made available for loan at the discretion and agreement of both the keeper and the artist for a reasonable fee, paid equally to the keeper and the artist.
  • The Keeper is no longer required to insure the flag. I am trying to approach this from an anti-capitalist viewpoint. Requiring insurance feels counter-intuitive. This is now optional, and a conversation to be had between the Keeper and the Artist upon assignment and acceptance of duties. 
  • The artist reserves the right of access to exhibition and appearance records.

  • If at any point the Keeper is no longer willing or able to act upon these duties, they may nominate a new Keeper. The artist reserves the right of final approval for subsequent Keepers.

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